Daily Prompt: Walking on the Moon

You’re gonna make it!

When I read this morning’s prompt from WordPress, I smiled because that’s an easy one: “What giant step did you take where you hoped your leg wouldn’t break? Was it worth it, were you successful in walking on the moon, or did your leg break?”

Last summer, when I was close to finishing book three in the Portia Adams Adventures, I quit my full-time job of 14 years to focus on writing instead. I left everything I knew, and a place I love (the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) and jumped into the ether.


I can’t underline that enough. I know I have a husband who was behind me 100% and I will admit that made it a tiny bit easier. But leaping into a world that had been entirely a hobby, and now was going to be my ‘job?’ YIKES.

Happy to say that eight months later, my first of those three books is about to be published by an amazing Canadian publisher (Fierce Ink Press) I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time, I’ve made incredible new friends in this field and all my friends from CBC are so proud of me.

Jump. Be scared. Just Jump.


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